Plan B (the alternative agency) Launches New Diurex Campaign, Explore Media Produces National TV Spot

Over-the-counter water pill, Diurex, and their advertising agency, Plan B, recently hired Explore Media to work on a new national broadcast television advertising campaign.

Diurex, created by Alva-Amco pharmaceuticals, is new to running national advertising and Plan B knew they would need to partner with a full-service commercial production house with the chops & experience to plan, execute, and professionally bring their pharma TV commercial boards to life.

Director Jeremy Pinckert, Cinematographer Jamieson Mullholland and the full EM team kicked off the project with Chicago location scouting (both restaurant and home locations) courtesy of Chris Drake, casting via Paskal Rudnicke, and art direction with the most important prop: the bottles to show what water weight can feel like. Finding the right balance between showing the visual identifier and not lapsing into slapstick was tricky… but we love a good challenge!

With only one production day in Plan B’s budget, we were able to capture lifestyle footage at a restaurant and do a company move to a home for interiors in downtown Chicago. We all had a blast on set thanks to our awesome clients, the creative team at Plan B and our wonderful crew.

The post-production and visual fx were cut in Explore Media’s video editing suites by Garret Brubaker. Chicago’s audio shop Noise Floor helped out with sound design to ensure the right balance of ambience and hints of background water for the main prop. Nolo Digital Film provided color correction, bringing the final spot together.

The campaign included a national TV broadcast media buy featured on HGTV, Oxygen and other major outlets. See “Lose the Water Weight” pharmaceutical ad here:

If you’re wondering how we were able to execute the post production for this spot, particularly the visual fx involved with pouring water and the 3D logo, check out this “How We Did It” video.

Get A Behind The Scene Look on the set of

"Lose the Water Weight"

About Explore Media Located in the heart of the United States in Chicago, Illinois, Explore Media produces content for a wide-variety of advertising agency clients, including nationally-run pharmaceutical commercials (Diurex) beverage ads for the food/beverage sector (Keystone Light, Martin's Supermarkets), financial commercials, and lifestyle commercials for large brands like Groupon, Home Chef and Go RVing.  Their work can be seen at Email to explore producing your next project with Explore Media!

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